8/7/2001; 10:07:44 PM

James Spahr: NewsFeedsPalm. “This is a very simple tool for Radio Userland. It publishes your Userland On the Desktop content to a website that is ideal for Avantgo Channels. It basically puts Userland On the Desktop on your Palm.” [via Aaron]
10:40:13 PM  

Brad Hodges did an interview with John McCrea and Vincent di Fiore, the lead singer and trumpet player for Cake. When Hodges asked what they would do differently if they were starting today instead of in ’91, McCrea said, “We would probably just broadcast all of our shows over the Internet.” Make of it what you will. 😉
10:35:58 PM  

It comes as no surprise to me that Microsoft is appealing to the Supreme Court. Here’s coverage: AP, CNET
10:26:47 PM  

Cosmiverse.com: Dead Sea to Disappear by 2050.
10:20:30 PM  

CNET: Corel to buy XML company for $36 million. “Corel on Tuesday said that it has agreed to purchase SoftQuad Software in a move to boost the Internet resources in its desktop-publishing applications.”
10:16:41 PM  

David Rogers is looking for a job…
10:15:15 PM  

New York Times: Astronomers See Evidence of First Light in Universe. “Like two distant streetlights, one inside a fog bank and one outside, the quasars appear different when observed with powerful telescopes, apparently confirming that the universe went through a major change when it was about 900 million years old.”
10:13:27 PM  

Are you a left-wing wacko?
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iWon: Scantily-Staffed Call Center Seeks Nudists.
10:08:32 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: permeate.
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