8/10/2001; 12:02:08 AM

CNET: AOL, MSN at bottom of Web survey. “The world’s two largest Internet service providers, AOL Time Warner’s America Online and Microsoft’s MSN, came out on the bottom of a [Consumer Reports] customer satisfaction survey.”
1:22:30 AM  

Industry Standard: Salon Secures Funding But Will Slash Staff. “San Francisco-based Salon Media Group, publisher of online magazine Salon.com, said Thursday that it has received $2.5 million in new financing – but will have to lay off 14 employees to satisfy conditions of the funding.”
1:18:16 AM  

BBC: Bush backs stem cell research. “In the first nationally-televised speech of his presidency, he said he had come down in favour of funding because of the potential for new cures for chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – from which many millions of Americans suffer.”
1:14:47 AM  

New Scientist: US spy satellites in ‘false’ orbits. “America’s spy satellites are not in the orbits the Pentagon says they are, according to a respected space analyst… The errors will add to concerns over George W. Bush’s plans to place weapons in space. If today’s satellite orbits cannot be trusted, opponents reason, how will we verify the numbers of future space-based anti-missile lasers and anti-satellite weapons?”
1:10:42 AM  

BBC: FBI ordered to reveal bugging trick. “A judge in the United States has ordered the FBI to reveal how it bugged the keyboard of the son of a mafia boss. But [the FBI] refused to reveal how the bugging was done, arguing that this would endanger national security and FBI investigators.”
1:06:05 AM  

Aah, the Irony: CNET is reporting that Microsoft has confirmed that some Hotmail servers were infected with the Code Red worm. I’m getting 20-30 hits an hour from Code Red. Good thing I’m not running IIS.
12:02:08 AM  

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