8/11/2001; 4:01:46 AM

Simon Fell: “For grins, go and work out how much it costs to license SQL 2000 Enterprise on a quad proc server thats running an internet connected website.”
4:07:57 AM  

AthenaDoc: “I believe that demeaning, degrading and abusive behavior toward anyone will result in a continuing cycle of violence. Only when the more powerful aggressor sees a reason to stop can this cycle be interrupted.”
4:06:49 AM  

Wired: Remembering a Hacker’s Hacker. “The friends and admirers who memorialized legendary German hacker Wau Holland on Friday did their best not to turn the man into a saint… That would be too boring.”
4:04:53 AM  

trained monkey: “golly, i’ve been invited to join the republican presidential roundtable, for a mere five grand a year. i feel so honored.”
4:02:44 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: intrepid.
4:01:46 AM  

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