8/27/2001; 1:33:35 PM

CNN (AP): Astrology school in Arizona gets accredited. Whatever.
5:29:11 PM  

Wired: The Over-Testing of America?. “‘They want to go back to the good old days when I despised school and hated my teacher,” Stager said. “Kids were quiet; you filled them with stuff and they regurgitated it on tests. Education was something done to you.'” (Stager is an adjunct professor of education at Pepperdine University.)
1:56:28 PM  

BBC: Happy birthday Linux.
1:50:09 PM  

Joshua Allen: “Few people outside [Microsoft] realize how much key software is written (and tested) by interns. The interns often are given projects that are more ‘experimental’, and while these carry lower risk of putting Microsoft out of business, they often turn into some of the cooler features that get shipped.”
1:48:07 PM  

spacetoday.net: Deep Space 1 recovers from attitude control problem.
1:45:30 PM  

Cruel Site of the Day: Putting the X in Text.
1:44:30 PM  

trained monkey “i’ll admit to have a soft-spot for any language that allows question-marks in identifiers.”
1:37:05 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: bacchanalia.
1:33:35 PM  

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