9/1/2001; 1:45:18 AM

Buzz is:

“…an XML/OPML editor based on Woody, Radio Userland and Xeena… written in Python and wxPython… run’s on Windows and Linux… uses the OPML Convergence project at omplconv.sourceforge.net to interconvert MS Word, OPML, SML, HTML, Text and ListPro formats…”

Sounds interesting…
2:01:39 AM  

Wes Felter: “That reminds me of the conversation where Eric says, ‘Let’s write an operating system!’ and I say, ‘Yeah!’ and then Tom says, ‘That’s why they draft guys your age into the Army.'” 😉
1:50:41 AM  

Oliver Wrede explains how to make a Manila site with frames using the hierarchyTemplates Plug-In.
1:48:08 AM  

The Standard: DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Reject Microsoft Appeal.
1:46:47 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: plaintive.
1:45:18 AM  

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