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CD offers tips on creating QuickTime VR content. A new CD from Lightspeed Media offers step-by-step instructions and tips for creating QuickTime VR content for multimedia projects, Web sites or whatever else you want to do. The disc is on sale for $39.95 through the end of May. Over the last few years as I have done research and taken thousands of photos for books and for my Weblog, The Equinox Project, I have been in some unique places where I have wished I knew how to create QuickTime VR content. Especially a few years ago when I made four trips into the still-steaming crater of Mt. St. Helens with some geologists (Mt. St. Helens is the volcano here in Washington state that erupted on May 18, 1980). The general public is not allowed in the crater or behind the lava dome, where Volkswagon sized-rocks fall from the steep crater walls and roll toward the lava dome and where sulphur blooms on the crunchy top of the lava dome paint yellow and green patterns across the soil, hiding the fact that a few inches below the surface the ground is still heated to more than 300 degrees.

Take a live look at Mt. St. Helens from a few miles away on Johnston Ridge – the place where a scientist stood on May 18, 1980 and quickly yelled into his radio, “Vancounver…Vancouver…This is it!” before the hundreds of miles an hour blast of heat and debris overwhelmed him.