Frontier 9.0: Search Engine Settings

While Frontier has had a built-in search engine since version 5, it has never been easier to configure than it is in Frontier 9.0.

On the Search Engine Settings page, you can enable or disable the search engine, specify the URL of your server’s search page, turn logging on or off, specify how often to index new pages, and optionally open up your search engine for public submissions through XML-RPC. (See this DaveNet piece for some background.)

Radio Community Server can take advantage of Frontier’s built-in search engine as well. Check a box on RCS’s Search Engine page, and all content upstreamed by your Radio users will be indexed by Frontier’s search engine, including text and OPML files as well as HTML.

Your Radio users can add a search box to their own sites using a simple macro.

Tomorrow’s screenshot: Subscribable Databases