Need a Security, Cryptography, Telephony & Networking expert?

My friend David Reeder is looking for work, in NY or NJ, or telecommuting. He’s a badass…

Programming languages: C, C++, Bourne Shell/UNIX utilities, HiFn 6500 microcode, ASN.1, Perl, Tcl/Tk, HTML, LaTeX, Fortran, Pascal

Systems: FreeBSD, Linux, Redback AOS, Solaris/SunOS, OSF/1, Windows/NT, MacOS, Cisco IOS

Internet protocols: IPSec/VPN, L2TP, PPP/PPPoE, IKE/ISAKMP, AAA, Mobile-IP, Adhoc Routing, RIP/OSPF, SNMP, Active Networking, DNS, SIP, SDP, RSVP

Participant in technical discussions: IETF working Groups including IPSec, Mobile-IP, SNMPv3, PANA, EAP; Also NET-SNMP, libsmi, KeyNote, Scotty

He’s worked for Flarion Technologies, Redback Networks, Trusted Information Systems (at Network Associates), and the Secure Mobile Networking Project at Portland State University (originally funded by the DARPA).

Check out his resume