CocoaConf Seattle 2014 iCalendar Feed

CocoaConf LogoThis June, I was one of the lucky ones who’d won the lottery, and was able to attend WWDC in San Francisco. While I was at the conference, it was awesome to have the whole schedule at my fingertips via the WWDC app on my iPhone. With CocoaConf Seattle just around the corner, I found myself wishing there were a CocoaConf app. No such luck.

Then I remembered iCal feeds are a thing, so went to check on the CocoaConf website for a subscribable calendar feed for the Seattle event, but that also didn’t seem to exist.

So as a public service to my fellow nerds who are attending CocoaConf 2014 in Seattle, I created a public iCal feed using Google Calendar, that you can subscribe to for the schedule of all the sessions, including the Thursday workshops. It should work on iOS devices, Google Calendar, on the Mac, BusyCal, and others. Here’s the link:

If you’re looking at this post on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac you should be able to just click the link to subscribe to the calendar.

Hope to see you at the conference!

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