4/2/2001; 3:09:24 AM

Daniel Anderson: Quit Playing With The SOAP!
9:03:34 PM  

Bug fix: Frontier’s SOAP implementation was incorrectly decoding booleans which were false, and represented as “0”, as true. Now it correctly decodes to a boolean, false. [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
6:57:47 PM  

BBC News: Music giants form Napster rival. Three leading record companies have agreed on a joint venture to create a subscription-based online music platform. Oh yeah, that loop again.
3:57:26 PM  

Executive Pay Up in a Down Year. How much are your companies paying their executives? [The Motley Fool]
3:56:43 PM  

Demand for U.S. Tech Workers Down 44 Percent. Those laid off are taking longer to find new jobs – and settle on what used to be their second and third choices, according to a new survey [TheStandard]
3:56:25 PM  

Doubts over water on Mars. A new theory suggests that it was liquid carbon dioxide and not water that carved gullies on Mars. [BBC News]
3:56:04 PM  

Wired: Are Dead People Really Dead?.
3:55:24 PM  

MailToTheFuture now has a SOAP interface. [Scripting News]
3:16:25 AM  

Today is opening day for the Giants! [Jeff’s Weblog]
3:15:32 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: galvanic.
3:15:11 AM  

Jeff: “Congratulations to Dave on the fourth anniversary of Scripting News!
3:14:10 AM  

Scripting News: April fools. Oh yeah, I know it’s lame.
3:11:55 AM  

Looks like I’ve broken something, my RSS feed is empty.
[Simon’s SOAP Scratchpad] Not broken here. ;->
3:10:51 AM  

CNN.com: Plane crew safe, China assures U.S.
3:09:49 AM  

CNN.com: U.S. spy plane, Chinese fighter collide
3:09:24 AM  

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