6/17/2001; 1:28:31 AM

Dave: “In two years we’re going to be arguing with Microsoft about whether we need our own computers to store our content… Their users are going to hate them like they hate the record companies. While that’s going on the Web will still be an open platform and it’s going to stay that way.”
11:54:03 PM  

Fortune: The Man Who Bought the Internet. [via Hack the Planet]
11:50:09 PM  

Scoble: “One way I’m gonna get around the SmartTags in IE6: use Macromedia’s Flash. The SmartTag renderer can’t touch that.”
11:47:57 PM  

Yahoo! (AP): World: Gay Parade Attracts Thousands. “An estimated 180,000 people marched to
booming disco beats and the flutter of rainbow flags through Sao
Paulo on Sunday in Latin America’s biggest gay pride parade.”
11:45:12 PM  

Plastic: Bill O’Reilly’s Alternative To The Death Penalty — Labor Camps In Alaska. Right – just ship ’em all to Siberia… Geez!
11:43:07 PM  

MetaFilter apparently has an RSS feed, which is now a My.UserLand.Com channel, but I’ve got a nit to pick: Their description elements don’t include the HTML that links to the pages that the posts are in reference to, so you have to go through the MetaFilter site, to find the original source.
1:34:02 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: discomfit.
1:28:31 AM  

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