6/18/2001; 12:05:52 AM

Der Schockwellenreiter is Microsoft-Free-Friday compliant and in localized fashion. 😉
9:57:26 PM  

Simon: “.NET Beta 2 hits the shelves”.
9:37:18 PM  

CNET: Maxtor queues up 100GB hard drive. “The $300 drive is the latest high water mark for an industry in which technology is butting heads with the laws of physics.” $3/GB: Cool.
7:22:45 PM  

MetaFilter: “I totally don’t think that your Paladin would really do that, Sir Balroggan.. Give in to your geek side and go find out what your alignment would be if you were a D&D character.”
1:41:03 PM  

Alwin: “And there it was. Sensitive New Age Dad was gone, replaced by the scared, angry tyrant that I had hated so much when I was a kid. Roaring at my daughters because of a stupid chili pepper…”
12:05:52 AM  

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