6/28/2001; 11:06:04 PM

Frontier News: New verbs for Frontier and Radio: table.tableToXml and table.xmlToTable convert tables to XML and back to tables. Here’s the spec for Frontier tables in XML.
11:30:40 PM  

Simon Fell: “It appears the .NET beta 2 SOAP doesn’t support multi-dim arrays, I hope they’re planning on addressing this, otherwise we’re all wasting our time.”

soap:Client : Server was unable to read request. --> There is an error in XML document (8, 31). --> SOAP-ENC:arrayType with multidimensional array found at <input2DStringArray xmlns=''>. Only single-dimensional arrays are supported. Consider using an array of arrays instead.

11:30:05 PM  

CNN has a page of key facts about the War Crimes Tribunal.
11:28:35 PM  

The Register: Apple to buy PowerPC from Motorola? “Apple [may be] set to wrest control of the PowerPC platform away from long-time partner Motorola through a clause in its agreement with the chip maker that allows it to buy Motorola’s PowerPC assets for $500 million next year.” [via Hack the Planet]
11:27:12 PM  

BBC: Designer cat controversy. “Allergy-proof cats could be the next genetically modified animals to be born.”
11:11:45 PM  

Not mincing words, here’s a headline from The Register: “Judge Jackson is a big fat idiot
11:10:58 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: peremptory.
11:09:11 PM  

500 ways to annoy your roommate.
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