6/29/2001; 4:04:04 PM

Wes: “By popular demand, Sun un-canceled their Solaris source code program.”
9:25:35 PM  

Frontier News: “About tables in XML has some examples of tables in XML, and sample scripts you can run in your QuickScript window.”
4:18:11 PM  

Check out the picture on this page. What on Earth were they thinking?
4:10:41 PM  

BBC: Stalagmite has climate warning. “There were dramatic changes in the amount of radioactive carbon swirling around in the Earth’s atmosphere during the last Ice Age, far greater than previously thought, scientists have found. “
4:08:12 PM  

CNN: Court rules U.S. broke rights laws. “The world court has ruled the U.S. ignored the international legal rights of two German-born brothers who were executed for murder. Germany had accused the U.S. of breaking the Vienna Convention by not telling the pair that they had the right to assistance from the German consular.”
4:07:06 PM  

News.com: Webvan investors OK reverse stock split. “Webvan shareholders voted Friday to implement a 25-to-1 reverse stock split in hopes of keeping the company’s shares listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market.”
4:05:40 PM  

trained monkey: “how to put amazon out of business: buy two of these. free shipping. if you’re feeling rich, buy two of these instead.”
4:04:04 PM  

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