7/27/2001; 1:00:02 AM

Salon: Auction of the damned. “The only moment of humanity all afternoon was when two young men fiercely competed to bid a modest IBM IntelliStation server up to $5,300 — more than twice its cost when new — and the room became silently electric. ‘What do we not know?’ queried the baffled auctioneer, as the rumor sped through the room that the two bidders were former Quokka employees trying to acquire something stored on the machine.”
9:33:48 PM  

KCBS: SF Judge Rules Partner of Woman Mauled by Dogs Can Proceed with Wrongful Death Suit: “Judge A. James Robertson II agreed with the arguments of Sharon Smith’s attorney that California state law has created a barrier for her by not allowing same-sex couples to marry, thus precluding them from seeking benefits available to married couples. However, the Equal Protection provision of the state Constitution prevents such exclusions, the judge ruled.”
9:30:59 PM  

CNN: Police mum on Condit’s 4th interview. “This could change to a criminal investigation, and if that’s the case then we have to be very careful about some of the information that we have that gets into the public domain,” Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey told reporters… “We don’t have a suspect because we don’t have a crime.”
9:28:59 PM  

How’s this for clueless: “The Internet is an important cultural phenomenon, but that doesn’t excuse its failure to comply with basic economic laws,” said Thomas Nolle, a New Jersey telecommunications consultant. “The problem is that it was devised by a bunch of hippie anarchists who didn’t have a strong profit motive. But this is a business, not a government-sponsored network.” Whatever.
3:46:10 PM  

CNET: Palm to separate OS business. “Handheld giant Palm announced on Friday its plans to create a separate subsidiary for the part of its business that develops and licenses the Palm operating system… The move is less dramatic than actually spinning off the unit, as 3Com did with Palm last year. But it could still be a precursor to a spinoff.”
3:15:08 PM  

Living Code: “Judge Gates determined that the only long- term solution to the power of the US Federal and State governments would be to break the United States into smaller autonomous regions, much as was done to AT&T when they were found to be a monopoly.”
3:13:55 PM  

3:10:30 PM  

CNN: Moscow denies missile shield U-turn. “Russia has denied it has been persuaded to re-examine its position on the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty — despite U.S. hints to the contrary.”
2:54:21 PM  

Not only is today Microsoft-Free Friday, but it’s also international system administrators day.
2:52:01 PM  

Salon: Consolidation politics. “There is fear in newsrooms when it comes to challenging the interests of the media moguls who can, with nothing more than an offhand remark to a subordinate, stall or end an editor’s or reporter’s career at an enterprise. The alternative is to leave and pursue the truth at other news organizations, but that becomes more difficult when they are concentrated in fewer hands.”
1:07:43 AM  

Wired: New Evidence of Water on Mars. “The mounds are near Mars’ equator, far from the polar ice caps. The location suggests that the frozen ground may have been created during a Martian ‘ice age’ about 100,000 years ago.”
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Dictionary.com Word of the Day: Cockaigne.
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