Frontier 9.0: The Admin Website

Here’s the first in a series of screenshots of new stuff in Frontier 9.0 — the home page of the Admin Website.

This page lists all of the Manila sites on the server, along with a hit count for today and all-time, and other basic information about the site. You can easily open the site itself by clicking the little globe icon next to the site’s name. To administer the site, you click its name.

Down the right-edge of the page is the Frontier Status Center, which Radio UserLand users will find familiar. At a glance, you can see how long the server has been running, what kind of traffic it’s getting and the resources its using. Below the Server Status section, there’s room for installed Tools to provide their own status messages. The ones you see in this screenshot are Radio Community Server and Server Monitor, which both ship with Frontier 9.0.

Tomorrow’s screenshot: Site-Administration, part 1.