Hope in the face of tragedy

On 9/13/2001, I received an email through my mom and a friend, which brought tears to my eyes. It was written by a yound man by the name of Usman Farman, who was kind enough to let me and many others re-publish it. In the face of calamity and hatred, he sent a message of love:

My name is Usman Farman and I graduated from Bentley with a Finance degree last May. I am 21 years old, turning 22 in October; I am Pakistani, and I am Muslim, and I too have been victimized by this awful tragedy. The next time you feel angry about this, and perhaps want to retaliate in your own way, please remember these words:

“Brother, if you don’t mind, there is a cloud of glass coming at us, grab my hand, lets get the hell out of here.”