Frontier 9.0: Site-Administration, part 1

In yesterday’s Frontier 9.0 screenshot, we saw a list of sites installed on the server, with some information about the site. Today’s screenshot shows the top of the site-level admin page for a single site. You get to this page by clicking a site’s name in the list of sites on the server.

This page gives server managers an easy way to change a site’s URL, enable or disable a site, or make the site private or public.

One of the most important functions is to configure a site for automatic backups. When backups are enabled, new or changed parts of a Manila site will be backed up nightly, and an email report is sent to the server manager listing the sites and number of parts that were backed up. You can also make an immediate backup. This feature is new in Frontier 9.0.

Tomorrow’s screenshot: Site-Administration, part 2