Frontier 9.0: Site-Administration, part 2

Today we have two screenshots: Bonus — two for the price of one!

Both are of the site-level admin page. The first, linked at the right, shows the Content and Syndication sections. In the Content section, there’s a summary of the number of messages, stories, pictures, news items and gems in the site, along with links to the five most recent discussion threads.

The second screenshot sports a slew of new user interface features. Frontier’s search engine is now easy to configure on a site-by-site basis. Server managers can enable or disable indexing for a given Manila site. At any time, you can choose to index, re-index or de-index a given site, and enable or disable search engine indexing. As you’ll see later, Frontier can also index Radio sites hosted through your own Radio Community Server (included with Frontier 9.0).

Tomorrow’s screenshot: Readouts