Long time — never seen

Now how cool is this?…

Last night I was IM-ing with Faisal Jawdat. He’d read my post the other day, quoting Usman Farman’s account of 9/11/2001*, and was wondering if it was me who got him started with a weblog. Huh? I didn’t know Usman had a weblog. Turns out he does, and a pretty good one at that.

What’s more, his AIM id was right there on his homepage, so I dropped him a line. He remembered who I was, and we had a good little chat. Turns out he’s working from home (like me) doing web stuff (also like me), and he’s getting ready to launch a bunch of websites and a marketing campaign. I guess we’re both busy bees.

So — Hi Usman! How cool is that?