Frontier 9.0: Settings

Here’s today’s Frontier 9.0 screenshot — the Settings page. From the Settings home page, you can click through to configuration pages for most aspects of your server. Each page focuses on a specific function or a set of related functions. For example, the Administrators page allows you to add or remove administrative accounts — accounts for people who can access the admin website.

While much of the functionality represented in the settings pages existed in previous versions of Frontier, there had never been a single page you could go to for configuration. For example, the Domains page is a web-based interface for the table, where virtual hosting is implemented and where sites are mapped to sub-paths within a given domain.

Prior to Frontier 9.0, server managers had no choice but to edit this information by hand in the object database — a tedious and error-prone process. In Frontier 9.0 adding or removing domains and the sites they contain is easy, a theme you’ll see repeated in subsequent screenshots.

Tomorrow’s screenshots: Security settings and Administrators