Frontier 9.0: Subscribable Databases

Frontier has a pair of features which work together to make it easy for multiple to work together on changes to a single database: WebEdit and Subscribable Databases. WebEdit is a client-server application that runs in Frontier, which allows a group of people to work on a database — a website or scripting project.

The Subscriptions feature allows you to publish a database and let other people to subscribe to changes made to the database. It uses the same mechanism as updates to Frontier.root.

The two features work together — when a change is checked in to a subscribable database using WebEdit, it’s automatically added to the updates stream for the database.

In Frontier 9.0, the Database Subscriptions page lets you easily choose which databases you want to enable subscriptions for. Check the box next to the database’s name, click the submit button, and you’re done. Server administrators can also see at a glance how many parts are in the updates stream for a given database.

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