Frontier 9.0: Themes

Frontier 9.0 ships with over 50 Themes for your Manila users. At any time, a Manila site owner can switch their Theme, instantly updating the look and feel of their entire site.

Any site can easily be used as a template for a new Theme for use by other sites. If you’re setting up a collection of sites for a corporate intranet for example, you only have to design the site once and make it into a Theme. Then all other sites on the intranet can use the same Theme, keeping the look and feel of your intranet web presence consistent. Once you have the initial Theme, it’s a breeze to create new sites and pages with the same look and feel.

You can use the Themes that ship with Frontier 9.0 as a starting point for your own websites, or you can start from templates you already have, or completely from scratch.

Tomorrow’s screenshot: Legal Macros